Photo of the Month

The Photo of the Month

This Month picture is selected from Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia.  Edgar Allan Poe characters developed from life, people he knew based upon idea or concepts from real professional academics whom written articles on interpretations of future events, science or the process of growth in civilization. Poe continue in this process through his written stories.  I’m presently living in the historical city of Richmond. There is so much more history here then I could ever phantom in my life.  My life has changed and as I continue to grow in this life perhaps I can find some strength in my weakness so that I may become a better man. I would love to hear from your complaints so that I can develop with more patience and tolerance in improving oneself growth.  I enjoy reading books. Books provides me the opportunity to learn  books or stories which expands the mind and it’s knowledge base.  Please take the time to pick up a boom and teach yourself the knowledge that is so richly essential in life.

all images © 2007-2012 Don Dresden / Don Mucheck

Bust of Edgar Allan Poe

A bust of Edgar Allan Poe at the Poe museum


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