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Theodore Roosevelt once said ” When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”

To be perfectly honest with everyone, I’ve had receive many life changing events in my life  Since August 2012. We were suppose to have an eternal marriage in the London Temple. I sold everything and moved to the United Kingdom, then suddenly she decided not to marry me after 1 1/2 year engagement. I’ve spent these months attempting to get back on my feet. I’ve been a patient in a hospital emergency room, living out of my suitcase, then living out of my backpack. I’ve been homeless and lived in a house with no power or running water to flush a toilet.  I’ve finally saved enough money to get my own placed and attempt to regain my life since the woman I wish to married turned me away for reasons I feel didn’t display the teachings of our Lord and Saviour or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I’ve learned and fully understood how the prophet Jonah felt when running away from the lord and facing his situation because of his fierce anger against the Lord, mine anger was against those people who knew of the teachings and stewardship of the Lord received to them as leaders in their local ward by our saviour.  They’ve made personal decision which affected my life. The Bishop and my ex-fiance whom refused to extend a hand when a member of the church was in need. I know how Job felt when he pray and asked God Why or seek answers from him to have greater understanding. I’ve learned forgiveness and love for all humans whether they are members of the restore gospel or not. I’m not responsible for the decisions which two people made upon me, but am able to build greater faith in my Lord and saviour to guide me in this life. I’ve carry a burden longer then expected 19 months for individual person whom we’ve prayed together so that my ex-fiance would receive a lesser burden and I to received the greater burden. I did received those other burdens and I carry them the best I could for those 19 months. I’ve grown more spirituality in this process for decisions which we’ve made together. I fully understand the atonment of Christ. That he carry that burden for every single human ever created since the beginning of Adam. the pain he experience in this life is far greater than anything I’ve recently been through since August of 2012. I have great and beautiful parents whom hold values of Jesus Christ or the The church which they are no longer active in, in fact my entire family has stopped attending church within the LDS structure in greater understanding then two people whom refused to extend a hand in making my return easier, they simply don’t understand the values of forgiveness or love. I hope my Lord and Saviour will blessed them. I wish all men, woman and child many blessings in their lives and that their needs shall be taken care of by him for them. If you are a member of the church and you think your action or inaction doesn’t make a direct impact upon other people whom are members or not because you’ve never met them in life, you are surely mistaken, because these two people have made a greater impact upon my family to stay further away from the restore church, because they choose not to follow Christ teachings. I know without a doubt the love and teachings of my Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. I know that the Lord church has been restore upon this earth and that I hold the Melchizedek priesthood in his name only as a steward for his love and teachings. I know without a fact that every person we are in contact with, whether written words, face to face or briefly walking by we influence everyone in one way or another which could lead to life changing events for that person life. I love all of my brother and sisters on this earth whether you are a member of the restored church or not.

with all of my heart and love, Brother Donald Douglas Mucheck