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Tonight the Edgar Allan Poe Museum held an event  which details some live music from “Ocean Versus Daughter”, The band was good and I’m told that the band themselves also have a good following. Amber Boice had two performances the first was the reading from “The Raven” and the second was a reading from “A dream within a Dream” both reading was between the band performances.  There was also a short documentary on Edgar Allan Poe title ” The Persistence of Poe”  The documentary made and produce by four VCU students. The museum was open as well for the guest to browse and look at the many items display showcasing Poe talents and life. The Poe Museum was sponsor by various functions groups such as Fruit 66, Culture Works. The wine was sponsor by Gundlach Bunschu. I actually attend this event without my camera to give me the opportunity to visit with the guest so I could have some opportunity to share some experience among them. I overall thought the event was very successful and hope that the museum would consider adding a few more of them throughout the yearly schedule.  I would comment that there were around over 100 guest whom attended this wonderful evening at the Poe Museum. There are many Poe Followers in Richmond.           http://www.poemuseum.org

The Unhappy Hour was a great name for such an event for Poe Followers?