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English: Yan Dargent's illustration about Poe'...

English: Yan Dargent’s illustration about Poe’s The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall for Jules Verne’s “Edgar Poe et ses œuvres ” (1864) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poe Museum entrance  sign

Poe Museum entrance sign


Yesterday was our field trip. I attended the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia. I was given a tour by Chris Semtner who is the Curator. Chris is very knowledgeable about Poe. I only wish I could only recall everything he has spoken to me ;however, I will have to suffice with what I could remember. Poe was an orphan and raised by his foster parents the Allan whom lived at 14 street and Tobacco Alley. The Allen home has since been demolished.  Edgar even took the name Allan to his name using it as his middle name. John Allan was in the tobacco business and was wealthy for his dealings. Poe also written about John Allan in one of his short stories  called “Peter Pendulum” publish in 1840 by Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine, it was later published as “The Business Man” in 1845 in The Broadway Journal.  Poe worked at the Southern Literary Messenger. Poe was the critic writer and even wrote about mundane issues such as road constructions, etc, but he eventually added short stories to the messenger.

Edgar Allan Poe Southern Literary Messenger desk

Edgar Allan Poe Southern Literary Messenger desk

It was my impressions that Edgar Allan Poe had placed much of his life into his own writing stories, but I also learned that Jules Verne’s also had received impressions upon Poe works. Poe actually  wrote a story about a man to the moon called “The Unparalleled  Adventure of one Hans Pfaall” publish by the messenger in June  of 1835. I wonder at time if the past was actually ahead of our fast paced society which we’ve created, it seems that the past wasn’t never the past but the future which their minds were actually ahead of our own. Authors of the past have always been influence upon earlier authors, yet Poe has earn his respect through his writing and was consider a master in literature from Victor Hugo, Jules Verne’s whom admire his work.

Edgar Allen Poe attended University of Virginia, but never graduated, he was in my mind and became a self-educated man whom always read articles or books to gain understanding from highly educated man in their perspective fields, he then used their written professional essays or articles and created a world not yet seen with an imagination cover with mystery thus leaving the reader with questions as the characters develop. In Poe’s short stories he adventure in such fields as detective work, science fiction and horror. These stories took form from everyday life which I would consider mundane for my life, yet he empowered that of his own and enhanced the beauty of life through his written words.

The courtyard is a beautiful centerpiece at the Poe Museum. I’ve spent time there sitting in hope to catch a crow (sorry no real ravens in Richmond) in an image close to Poe’s bust in the courtyard. You will see many lovely flowers, green grass, carved large stones and benches for you to sit upon as you look at the beauty among the courtyard. There are little memorials to individual’s among courtyard, which gives the love and sacrifice whom others have given to help make the Poe Museum greater in knowledge as well to gain more open forum to the local Richmond natives in gaining the love for Poe works and life.

courtyard view from the museum

courtyard view from the museum

poe museum gift shop

    The Poe Museum has other events which you may attend. The list of events may be viewed at http://www.poemuseum.org/events.php Please visit the Poe Museum website or shop to buy an item or even a book. There were many items available, which helps the Poe Museum to continue in its growth. http://www.poemuseum.org/shop/

I would also like to thank Chris Sumtner the curator as well his staff at the Poe Museum. I would like to thanked Edgar Allan Poe foundation which kindly gave me permission to visit their museum.

The Poe Museum is located at 1914-16 E. Main Street Richmond, Virginia 23223 (804) 648-5523 http://www.poemuseum.org

Poe bust in the courtyard at the Poe Museum

Poe bust in the courtyard at the Poe Museum

I ask of you to pull a chair next to Edgar Allan Poe, re-read some of his short stories or books, reflect upon them and then be amazed once again in your life at his thought process as you watch his characters grow to gain understanding in the process called life.