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 The process has started for a new website for the spider to crawled across the world-wide web.  www.dondresdenphotography.com will be up within a week at the most.  Some images shall be added to its pre opening début, while others shall be added pass the opening week even perhaps two or three weeks post its grand opening. Please leave comments or complaints. I do consider complaints more importance than suggestions as I look forward in receiving feedback from my clients / customers. It look as if I have strong feelings to have my site hosted by Photium. Photium is from the United Kingdom.

      They are professional and leave no room for mistakes or standards.  I have other reasons why I’ve chosen them over a United States server. I will be utilizing United States companies such as Facebook, Twitter for potential sales. I will also be using Fine Art America for sales growth too, another United States based company. I plan to support a blog using WordPress.com.

   I have also sign a licensing agreement with Fine Art America, (ABC) American Broadcasting Company and Disney to browse my images on my sites to generate more opportunities in sales, whether they buy images or photos for various set  productions or media material which those companies may have interest. The licensing agreement provides me the legal rights to all of my images.

I hope my future customers / clients will enjoy the images that I plan to upload unto the site during this week and will strive to have http://www.dondresdephotography.com live within a week from today so that you may find images appealing or you may complaint as well. either / or it’s all good news to me.

I will strive with my utmost to reply to all comments or complaints. When a company focus upon replying to complaints more than suggestions, that company will become better manage in keeping the focus upon the customers and not the needs of the company. Those complaints are key issues in improving ones service in a business model to serve the customers.

 Kindest Regards, Don Dresden