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I’ve decided to add another post about food photography. I have attempted earlier to shoot the food items at Taco Atoyac. The images below will show to you why I’ve decided to used better plates and a tripod. In this first image you see the table in the shot along with every various types of tacos this place offers.

What is wrong with this picture, first you can see the salt and pepper shakers, the  napkin holder which offers a reflection, the tiles help brings the food items out to view; however, because there are so many types of Tacos I feel it distracts the buyer or the advertiser from considering this shot. Even If I had cropped this image I believe it won’t pass the mustard in getting approved.

various tacos sitting on tile table

various tacos sitting on tile table


You will also see the light shinning from the ceiling unto the table. I feel again it is hurting the image and the food presentation. The tile tables does add some texture to the environment which you would expect to have while visiting a Mexican Restaurant.

This image shows me how the original food is actually serve in this restaurant. The green Pepper shows up decent, but the corn tortilla shell is hard to recognized where the real finger food starts and ends, the size of the food here is decent, the built-in flash from the camera also hinder this image as well. You can also view where the flash took focus on in this image by viewing the onion in the lower left corner  has received a slight light spot that covers half of the onion. This image helps me to decided to used different style of plates, which reflex’s the atmosphere as well help bring the corn shell more into the image, this Thought process I feel will make the food more delicious  and interesting to express to the viewer of the ad or the advertiser to visit this restaurant. This is the main reason I’ve decided to used green and red plates from the earlier blog article.

Tacos with Green Pepper and onions

Tacos with Green Pepper and onion.

The following below is a list of things I’ve learned from this shooting and the second shooting from this restaurant.

1. I never used a tripod  on my first attempt, but did manage to get a table tripod to make sure the items of the image would stay more in focus and doesn’t create shakiness.

2. Don’t be afraid in explaining to the owner the reasons why you would prefer to re-shot the images. I would rather see images that showcase all the food including the shell of the tacos.

3. research articles on food photography to have a better understanding and find ways which will enhance your skills.

4. I feel the images I have from my second visit  compare to the first has improved overall. I only wish that some of the images were better focus. I feel it is a slight improvement since my first visit. compare to my second visit. Only practice will aid you in obtaining some knowledge and perfecting your skills. I’m confidence that my photography skills will increase as I continue to shoot. Never be ashamed of your images,if they don’t meet your expectations, but remind yourself that as you continue in shooting food, that you knowledge will increase and the images will clearer and more precise as you continue to learn. in this field. I’m still learning myself as this was only my first attempt ever in shooting food.