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A few days ago I seen a d for an opportunity to send some images for a travel magazine.

This was my first attempt with food photography. I attempted to used a heated lamp as a back lighting along with a few papers fold in half to lessen the shadows. I purchased colourful plates to help bring out the corn tortilla shells of the tacos.

Chorizo Tacos  at Tacos Atoyac

Chorizo Tacos at Tacos Atoyac

In the image above, you can slightly see the product is out of focus in the front. I’ve done this on purpose to show case parsley. I also wish to bring the brown edges of the onions to standout along with the salsa. This is why the food photographer truly needs a macro lens, (A truly great quality lens) to emphasize in high quality of the food.

Fish Taco

Fish Taco

In this image the fish was the main focus of the taco. The importance’s of using a small table tripods improves your ability to receive images in food photography which will showcase the food as appetizing that allows  the customers or the reader to consider visiting the restaurant which serves the food.

I will with the utmost request highly recommend Tacos Atoyac as A great business located at 1830 West Glendale Avenue Phoenix, Arizona  85021.  (602) 864-2746

Hours of operations Tuesday Saturday 11 A.M.- 9 P.M.

Dan Maldonado  who owns the business is a kind and wonderful man who truly wants to serve you with the best Mexican food in the valley of the sun.

Dan Maldonado's profile photo
    Tacos Atoyac always will take your catering order and serve your business lunches or other activities. Dan has employed a wonderful and friendly staff. You can’t miss them and I recommend if you’re in the area to stop by taste the great food and say hello.
1830 West Glendale Avenue, Phx, Az   602-864-2746

1830 West Glendale Avenue, Phx, Az








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