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I took another trip to the Glendale Library and stood out there for a while. I’ve Seen some wonderful cactus flowers today. This will take time as I continue to build my stock base in this field. This process will take some time as I search for the idea picture for each type of item showcase around the library. I’m still healing from a personal event in life and this venue is assisting me presently.

My website which showcase my images will be down until further notice perhaps even longer then I hope for; in the meantime, My blog here will have to aid me in promoting my images. Please forgive me for this inconvenient but it’s a process which must take it’s full course. Yesterday I had a the opportunity to take some  images of birds. I have a beautiful image of  Northern Mockingbird perched itself upon a aloe Vera plant. I never knew there were Mockingbirds in Arizona. I actually had to Google to make sure I had the correct label on this bird.


Then as I wonder around the area I laid low to the ground to get some images of flowers apart of the Aloe Vera plant and actually came out with a better image then I could dream. thew Sahuaro in the background along with the clear sky brings a surreal environment towards depth in this image and makes it so typical of the southwest images you browse within those southwest magazines.Image

Then upon leaving the ares there was a lovely sunset and I noticed the clouds in the front as if an angel shape as if this image was moving forward into the greater heavens. I shot the image including the main bust of clouds behind it and the colours  just came out using the image compressor within the camera. the sun setting behind the clouds help brought the clouds colours brighter. Judge for yourself and please leave a comment on these images if you wish or better yet fellow a broken heart so that we can heal together on this journey called life.


I hope everybody will have a beautiful day and that our dreams and wishes may all come true in our lifetime.

Kindest Regards, Don Dresden