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Last night I approach a home where there was an beautiful lighting background of an nativity scene. I approach the door and spoke with the owner Stan. He explain to me that he purchase the outline, but had to cut the images out using the layout. He done a beautiful job. He used floodlights to create the background shadow. It is beautiful. ImageAs photographers we’ve seem to get so caught up in taking pictures and editing them, that we forget about how simple a request in obtaining a property release form or and model release form whenever we travel. A simple request and kindness to provide the signer a free copy of the image to enjoy allows us as photographers to take more care and joy in taking photographs while ensuring a standard which can be achieve in our lives and shows the community of our respect towards others hard work or performances. I t shows an appreciation in values. I’ve also included this image as my Christmas card this year. For all the readers and followers that I may have. I what to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and that all of your dreams may come true in real life.