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I have walk my way around Plymouth learning the streets and the locale bus routes, along the way I’ve met some wonderful helpful British People whom had enlighten me with their beautiful city. I thought it would be nice if I share few images which I feel express Plymouth’s endearing touch.These are some of my favorite photos or people I’ve met while here. I actually had to walk along the dock to help the swan swam towards the red boat, Once I’ve seen the reflection and the bright colour red I knew it would be a lovely picture with the beautiful white swans. I just happened to get lucky enough for one to swim against the red colour boat


swan swimming next to a red bopat

Red Fishing Boat with Swans

Diablo   – Orange Lamborghini Diablo with side door open

"owner standing next to his orange Lamborghini Diablo"

owner with his Diablo

Last week I’ve met a pilot who drove his car to Plymouth Hoe. He drove a Lamborghini Diablo. I’ve spent an hour with a few other mates hearing and discussing about expansive parts or even parts from another car which fitted this car needs to keep it mobile. This Diablo was actually originally from Saudi Arabia. The wheels or tired trends are longer made for this model.

Below are two pictures taken by Chris and Darian Treise whom attempted to learn how to used the camera.. I’m proud of them spending time with their mum.

dartmoor reservoir

reservoir in Dartmoor

waterfall in dartmoor