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This morning as I walk around Plymouth. I noticed some slight clouds in the mornings and venture searching for my perfect picture.I stride towards Drake Circus; a mall with many opportunities,but what would truly open my eyes as a photograph. I've always seek reflections from window in buildings, while i search looking into the glass of drake circus mall, then suddenly i noticed the man standing on his hands from the sculpture that is outside the building near of the entrance and bingo. I stood in amazement as I seen a man falling from the heavens with the  clouds and him in the reflection. I think this is my best shot so far since I've been here searching for the perfect photograph. There are many mannequins or dummies standing in a display window inside the mall. The man is almost next to the other dummies as well he is also falling from the clouds or even standing on his hands when others are standing on their feet.There is a lot of things in this picture that makes you ponder or even think if this picture was Photoshop. I guarantee you this is a real shot of a reflection. I've haven't Photoshop this photograph.I have fallen in love with this picture personally, but I'm also bias because I took the picture. I don't know whom made the sculpture and I will attempt to find out. I hope you fall in love with this picture as much as I have. I also believe this picture has some Salvador Dali influence.