The recent landing of the rover on Mars has brought us some interesting photos of the land formation, mountains as well given us some aspect of the beauty which our planetary neighbor has to offer. The first picture shown is the original photo taken from the internet from national Geographic.

landscape on Mars

landscape of Mars taken by curiosity

NG0  always offer beautiful pictures and in my opinion has the world’s best staff photographers and editors. I thought it would be interesting to attempt to increase this picture using my acdsee software. I started out by using the detail section and the sharpening tool to increase it until I feel you can view more of the landscape. Then I use the noise reduction and used the luminance and color a little.  this is how the looks after those steps

rover picture of mars

increase in sharpening used the Noise reduction

I then went into tune editing section and added  a touch of Vibrance, then I used the lighting section. I used the second option of Light EQ and then enter tone curves and hit the auto to curve out the lighting.  SAVE the picture. Below is the product of your editing using ACDSEE software.

landscape of Mars

This is the final edit after some minor editing in sharpening and lighting.

lighting techniques and fine tuning – Final picture showing more details of the beauty of mars.