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Creative Mode is located in the menu bar. After you’ve taken your picture, you can open the menu bar and browse to the blue color icon with the arrow. You will see the following items listed

1. Protect Images
3.Erase Images
4.Print Order
5. Creative Filters

Chase Field Building

Looking inside Chase Field with David Hernandez poster between sections

Click on the creative menu and wait until only”compatible img’s displayed” is off the screen. Then press the set button twice to view the creative mode options. Near the button of the screen you will see four icons. Today I will explained how to used the built-in Fish-eye effect in the T3i. You should check the back of your camera to see whether your camera has a creative filter, it could be place in the same place or a similar place on your menu button. This fish-eye option enables photographer whom can’t afford a real fish-eye lens to offer them opportunity to utilize and have available this mechanism to help get new photographers to view and understand how images will look from an fish-eye perspective. Once you have initiated the first view using the set button, you can use the arrow buttons located around the set button to advanced the fish-eye angle more extreme. You will have a bar which will rise in three sections.Once you have felt comfortable with the image you prefer,press the set button again to save your desire image, then image number will displayed allowing to save in a folder, Pressed the set button again and you have your finished image. I hope this helps you in understanding the creative filter in your camera. You will have other options in creative filters section to choose to gain similar results with different options.

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